Our Story

Hi! My name is Diana and I am the founder of Baby Leaf Covers. As a mom of two, I found that staying organized was a challenge. If I didn't have our things put together the night before,  I was scrambling to make sure everything was in my diaper bag. No matter how neatly I folded things, my diaper bag was always overflowing with burp cloth, nursing cover, blankets and more! 

Our family loves spending time outdoors and going out for daily walks. I remember  struggling with the car seat cover that we used for our son, Niko, because it would fly off in the wind. In the summer, the cover was heavy and sometimes he would get too hot. Flipping the cover up just exposed his little face to the bright sun and he didn't like that either!  With our daughter, Emma, I thought there must be something else that works better as a car seat cover and is more versatile. I searched around but I couldn't find anything.

So when Emma was one month old,  I took out my sewing machine and decided to get to work on my small kitchen table with some scrap fabric and random zippers. That's when I came up with Baby Leaf Covers, a product that is versatile, modern and uses sustainable and natural fabric!

Baby Leaf Covers is patent pending and we are really excited for this new product to simplify parenthood a little bit more. The part I love most about the design is the zipper opening because it allows you to adjust the window for your baby and sneak a peek at them anytime! Lets admit it, who doesn't love admiring their little one all the time?

Baby Leaf Covers has helped make my life as a busy mom a little bit easier.  We hope you and your little one enjoy it as much as we do!



Founder of Baby Leaf Covers