Video and Instruction

Watch a short video and learn how to use Baby Leaf Covers. Use it as a fitted car seat cover, baby carrier cover, poncho, nursing cover, scarf, swing and shopping cart cover!

Baby Leaf Covers, covering more than just your baby.

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Baby Leaf Covers can be used in 6 versatile ways!

  • Use as a fitted car seat cover simply by making a loose knot at both ends of the fabric. The zipper allows you to create a perfect window for your baby, meaning a peekaboo window and proper air flow all the time!
  • Wear it over your baby carrier and simply unzip the front to accommodate for your baby. Your little one stays covered and cozy.
  • Use it as a full coverage nursing cover. Have one arm out and unzip it to fit you perfectly. The cover will never slide off, so you can nurse comfortably. 
  • Use it as a swing or shopping cart cover. Simply make a loose knot at both ends for a perfect fit. 
  • Wear it as a poncho with the zipper at the front, side or the back!
  • Wear it as a fashionable scarf. Simply roll the fabric into itself. You can leave the corner out for a handkerchief scarf or roll it all the way up for an infinity look!