Q. What makes your product different than other car seat or nursing covers out there?

A. Baby Leaf Covers is truly one of a kind. You can use our product in over 6 different ways and because of its unique design, it is patent pending. Read on to learn more about what makes us different. 


Q. What do you mean when you say your product is 'Zero Waste'?

A:  Zero Waste refers to clothing having little or no textile waste in their production. We are  proud to be a part of this sustainable fashion movement because Baby Leaf Covers are 'Zero Waste'. We use a piece of fabric that comes off the roll, fold it in half and only make a small cut for the neck opening. The fabric that is cut off is used to cover the zipper end. Practically nothing ends up in the garbage. We are passionate about keeping our earth as green as can be for the future of our babies. 

Q. What does Standard Oekotex-100 mean?

Standar Oekotex-100 is a worldwide certification system for textile products. All fabrics with this standard have been tested for harmful chemicals and substances. This global sustainable awareness of the responsible use of chemicals means safe fabric for you, your baby and our environment. 

Q: How do I wash my Baby Leaf Cover?

A: We recommend washing in cold water on gentle cycle and hanging to dry or using a low setting on your dryer. All of our fabric is built to last but the less washing, the better on our environment!

Q: Do the zippers get hot in the sun?

A: We use only nylon coil zippers so the are all safe for baby, even the gold ones. Although the gold zippers look like metal, they are actually made of nylon coil so they will not get hot in the sun. 

Q: How do I get information on new covers and promotions?

A: Join our mailing list and follow us on social media. Feel free to tag yourself in a picture while using Baby Leaf Covers. We love to see how this cover makes your life as a busy parent a little easier! 


Q. What are all the uses for Baby Leaf Covers?

A. Infant car seat cover, baby carrier cover, nursing cover, stroller cover, swing cover, shopping cart cover, fashionable poncho and scarf. If you feel like being creative and find more uses, please share!